Wellbeing Champions

Wellbeing Champions

The Wellbeing Champions are an essential part of your organisation’s journey to achieve success in the award process. They not only promote health and wellbeing in the workplace but are the link throughout the process, meeting with the Workplace Wellbeing Advisor, gathering the evidence and participating in the accreditation process

Management support is vital to ensure the Champion has access to the evidence required and guidance to implement the business priorities that have been identified.

Large organisations, or those with multiple sites will need a number of Champions. Smaller organisations may only need one person to take on the role, although it may be beneficial to have at least two so they can support each other.

Who are the Wellbeing Champions?

Champions are members of staff who have volunteered, or have been chosen, to promote the organisation’s health and wellbeing initiatives to their colleagues. Champions will generally be people who are enthusiastic and have a desire to improve the working environment through supporting and encouraging healthy lifestyles and wellbeing. They should be approachable, willing to help and whilst they are likely to be passionate about health and wellbeing they are not expected to be ‘experts’. Champions will know their colleagues and work areas so are well placed to know what will work best in that environment and what resources may be the most effective. 

The Wellbeing Champion’s role

The main purpose of the role is to support organisations to improve the health and wellbeing
of their employees through the achievement of the Workplace Wellbeing Award.

The Champion is expected to:

work with management, Human Resources and colleagues to develop health and
wellbeing initiatives
collect the evidence for the award and liaise with the Workplace Wellbeing Assessor during
the accreditation process
promote national health and wellbeing initiatives for example the One You campaign by
putting up posters and distributing information
initiate and develop health campaigns utilising the skills, interests and passions
of colleagues
raise awareness of health and wellbeing activities throughout the organisation, promoting
healthy lifestyles and positive mental health
signpost to local services for advice and support to improve lifestyle choices

promote healthy activities within the organisation for example lunchtime walking or running
groups, steps challenges
promote wellbeing activities for example book club, arts and crafts

be the point of contact for colleagues who want to know more about health and wellbeing,
and collect their feedback

Training and support

The Workplace Wellbeing Advisor will provide support to the Champion/s, both on an individual level and through support events with champions from other local organisations.

We will offer an initial ½ day support event to your champion/s which will cover a basic understanding of health and wellbeing, the influences on attitudes to health, organising health initiatives, the Award process and accreditation, and where to go for health and wellbeing resources.

Time commitment

This will depend on the number of Champions you have and the size and complexity of your organisation.
This work is in addition to an employee’s current role so agreement will need to be reached
with their line manager to allow them sufficient time to undertake the duties required, for
example to:

Attend workplace health meetings

Attend specific training or support events

Organise and run health campaigns and events

Gather evidence

Participate in the accreditation process

Champions may also choose to volunteer more of their time outside work to the activities.


There is no charge to go through the award process, and support is provided by the Workplace Wellbeing Advisor free of charge.
There may be some costs associated with the Wellbeing Champions, for example:

time commitment

travelling expenses to events/training

health promotion activities, although many resources are available free through the
NHS/OHID resources centre
training, although some courses may be free

The benefits of having Champion(s) in the workplace

The Champion is expected to:
• encourage staff engagement
• learn new skills, which they can cascade to others making them more valuable to your organisation
• be in contact with Champions from other organisations to share good practice and promote your organisation